You are currently viewing A NEW DECADE THAT DRESSES IN COLOR


Decoration trends for 2020 come as breezes of fresh air to inspire home beautification.
Interior Design this year will dress in environmental consciousness; sun, wind, sea, and earth, are the elements that will take control of the personality of our spaces, and lifestyle.

Color will be the protagonist in this new decade, setting trends inspired by nature and especially in the colors of the sea, with a whole palette of blues going from royal blue to turquoise. Coastal decorations and Japandi style will create a vibrant atmosphere that will keep us captivated in our spaces.

Among the colors that will make the difference in the details within our environments, we have moss terrarium, desert sand, ethnic orange, humanized blue, baked earth, pink salt, organic plum, silver tech, and plexiglass green. With them, we will be able to make combinations, original, fun, and harmonic contrasts inspired by the sunset. Details add aesthetic value to the spaces and must mirror the tastes and personality of the family.

Before renovating our spaces to welcome this new decade, we must consider that decoration styles should reflect our tastes and character along with the natural characteristics of the areas (dimensions, light, etc.). Interior design trends should be used to serve the tastes and needs of those who will inhabit it.

In 2020 Japandi style will set the trends in the field of modern decorations. It consists of a combination of Scandinavian and Japanese styles, creating very zen spaces that invite you to relax and escape from the stress of everyday life.

On the other hand, Vintage Style will continue strong this year due to its vast presence, a rustic decoration inspired by the nordic-retro style, including minimalism and creating a very personal decoration, adding our inspiration and creativity. In this sense, the vintage style’s key elements are retro designs, geometric shapes, rounded designs, arches, patterns of themes, and materials such as wood in the chairs, rattan, sofas with a classic style, etc.

Floors and walls will not be overlooked; they will acquire a leading role in the interior decoration trends for 2020, expressing their origin. Tile coverings that imitate different materials (wood, marble, ceramic, granite) will become very popular because of their functionality, also coatings with a wide variety of textures and colors, especially mud, wood, and polished cement.

If you are thinking of giving a new air to your spaces and love these styles to start a new year, let your imagination run wild and make your decorating idea come alive with these trends, combining materials, colors, and pieces you will manage to personalize your environment. Create a peaceful space where you can ponder after a hard day in the “urban jungle” that is the city.

Architect Rafael Rangel